Resourcing challenges solved

Flexible solutions for outstanding outcomes

Presto Resourcing combines flexibility with an agile, creative approach to solving your resourcing challenges. When it comes to getting you the right people, when and where you need them, our expertise and responsiveness are second-to-none.

We know that delivering operational and strategic priorities takes much more than simple transactional recruitment. Resourcing is strategic, so we start with a deep understanding of your business drivers and goals. Then we bring together the people, tools, and support to achieve the outcomes you’re looking for.

Here's a taste of the innovative resourcing solutions we've developed in partnership with clients:

  • Pulse resourcing to bring specialist skills in and out as they are required. For example, providing an Enterprise Architect at the beginning of a project and again at a midpoint milestone; or skillsets to fill gaps while you look for the right permanent person.
  • Embedding one of our resourcing experts within your team to help you build capability in a specific area. 
  • We can develop specialised resource pools of people who are experts in their technology domain but also in your industry sector, so skills can be shared across a community. For example, a resource pool of Enterprise Architects with experience in the Health sector could be shared across district health boards.
What we can do